The Long week

On a rainy April Monday,

I saw her and my heart did know

On the same Tuesday,

I told her my heart and she said no

The pain on Wednesday,

Made me sure my heart was broke

Thursday saw her kiss another lad,

And the pain exponentially did grow

They fought,

and I found I again had hope

So on a sunny September Friday,

I told her my love

and my heart she did throw

The tears they flowed,

On the longest Saturday I ever did know

The mint chocolate chip ice cream soothed

then the ache did ease

And like a miracle,

Sunday had a sweet young Lilly come to me,

and she told her heart and I did mine,

Now with her,

my heart forever shall be.

The Bird and the Worm

I am a son of Eve and despair is my love

In her sweet darkness I am engulfed in her embrace

Her kiss is divine agony…

She laid eggs in my brain

And the hatch lings are crying

That’s why my ears bleed

Then so you don’t notice,

I split my sides

The sides of my mouth

So I can always smile

Blind you with these pearly whites

So you don’t see the drip drip

Dripping from my neck

Dropping to the end

The dark end

So I can be with her again

For she calls out to me to join her

The world is silent

It has never called out for me

Her voice is clear and strong

“Take my hand, Slit that throat and you’ll never walk alone”


Tap tap tap,

I feel your heart slowly dripping out into my hands

And for the first time I think I see you

Standing on the other side of this line

You were beautiful like this once

Before you fell away to your vindictive devices

I spent months running away

And running back to you

Now on this cold June night

I feel closer to you than ever before

Though I am still cautious

Step, step, step

Dancing around you so I don’t get burnt

Fearful and fearless in the same breath

I see that sweet butterfly’s wings open up once more

Whose beauty invokes me to speak those three words

Fly free forever

The sky is yours.

Dr. Evil Loving

I think you let me hurt you coz you like the way I put band aids on you

Well now you done let loose the beast from his cage

You know I hunt slow but sure

So just you wait

You soak up my love as I shower you in it

For a time is coming when I shall show you the truth

That not everyone gets a happy ending

After all how could I make you a princess when you think ball gowns are pretentious

How could I possibly present you to the world

Looking like a poorly wrapped gift of coal from Santa

And I know I’ve been a bad child

So sit tight and enjoy the ride

Have fun on Pleasure Island

Just know when the lights go out

I will break you.

Wolves of War

On the back of a dinner napkin

While I sipped ginger ale

I looked around at the world I live in

It looked as doomed as the chocolate cake before me

Doomed by corruption and oppression

by intellectual starvation

Since they kept us in schools yet never let us learn

About the great big world that Columbus discovered

Or the Lilliputian lands of Gulliver’s travels

For it is easier to lead sheep to slaughter

Than to tame a lion

Though I don’t want to be a lion

I want us all to come together and form a pack

Stronger than the King of the jungle;

Wolves never dance in the circus

I’m Going to the Studio to Record a New Song

I must say I am not surprised

This always seems to happen when I soften a little

So this doesn’t bother me

In actual sense you mean nothing to me

Just a character in my peripheral vision

In fact my main concern is her

Her and my own reaction;

See I’m surprisingly calm

I know I should be angry at you and sorry that I hurt her

But I am a selfish creature

Thus I am perfectly calm

I wonder if this is what happens

Right before people become homicidal maniacs

So because I enjoy this serenity

I will kill every single person and thing

Until I am the only one on this earth

Then I will sit back

And enjoy the calm

The extra loud silence.

Trigger Finger

You’re my worst trigger, Mister

Everytime I feel like I’m okay

You blindside me with that rifle you named love,

so you could kill me with your love

And the constant reminder that I will never be your son

That I will never be okay with you hurting her

Thus I find myself wondering

Where do I fit in this world that speeds on without me

This world where I have no one but her

Nothing save my name

But it isn’t my name, is it?

It’s yours and your tainted bloodline

So maybe I should release this dirty blood

Let it poison the earth

Rather than let it break one more person

Now you feign penance

Duping me into hoping again

Before you shove the pistol in my hand again

I wonder what a bullet tastes like

I know I’ll find peace in that vast black

That abyss of oblivion

So for you my trigger

I’ll pull the trigger…